Bagasse Meal Trays

Bagasse Meal Trays

Premium Disposable Convenient Trays

Have you ever wished that setting up and cleaning up took less time? Want to more fully enjoy the holiday with your cherished friends and family? For your upcoming gathering, you must use our disposable bagasse plates! Save time and effort by using disposable plates for parties. They won't harm the environment because we use recyclable sugarcane fiber. Who wants their sweet dish to get gravy on it? Nobody, which is why sectional plates are necessary. For gatherings, cafeterias, or food trucks, these section trays are unquestionably the best choice.


  • Made with biodegradable, food-grade material

  • Microwavable, Oil and Water Resistant

  • Lids Availability: No

  • Sealable Option: Yes, Heat Sealable

  • Available Sizes: 3 CP, 4 CP, 5 CP, 8 CP