Butter Paper Bags

Butter Paper Bags

Food Bags That’s Class Apart

Butter Paper is used to wrap rolls, shwarma, and sandwiches, keeping the food items clean and healthy. But sometimes the wrapping might just not be strong enough. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had bags made of butter paper? And that’s exactly what this is! A butter paper bag, with the option of printing your logo on it too!

Durable and reliable to use, safe and no odd smell, not easily torn, highly effective at blocking oil and steam, keeping food and snacks fresh, and extending shelf life.


  • Made with 100% food grade paper, 

  • Paper Thickness: 40 GSM to 80 GSM

  • Oil and grease proof

  • It can be customized with different sizes and design

  • MOQ for customization- 25000 pcs