Paper Containers

Paper Containers

Boxes For That Fresh and Hygienic Food

Serve everything from classic soups and stews to your most popular hot sides and steamed vegetables in this container. It's even good for cold meals like sorbet, yogurt, and ice cream! Its small size makes it ideal for single servings, and its classic round shape makes it simple to hold and carry on the go. For delis, markets, and salad bars, it's an appropriate packing solution.

Eco-Friendly & Durable Construction

  • The robust paper construction of the cup offers long-lasting quality with 100% food-grade material.

Tightly Rolled Rim

  • The tightly-rolled rim of this EcoChoice paper soup / hot meal cup is great for providing a safe, secure lid fit. It has a silky texture that makes it ideal for drinking.

 Vented Lid

  • The cup comes with matching vented paper lid that lets hot, damp air out before it becomes stuck within the container, preventing soggy product.

Design & Size

  • Generic Design or Customization with MOQ of 15000/100000

  • 40 ML, 3 oz/ 100 ML, 5 oz/ 150 ML, 7 oz/200 ML, 10 oz/250 ML, 12 oz/ 350 ML, 20 oz/ 500ML, 28 oz/ 800ML, 32 oz/ 1000ML


  • 202- 350 GSM, ITC Board, Special Curry Paper / Brown Kraft Paper