Popcorn Tubs

Popcorn Tubs

Premium Quality Popcorn Tubs

Bring the movies to your family on movie nights with popcorn tubs from Ambica Enterprises. People of all ages are quickly excited by our colorful popcorn holders. Our sturdy paper popcorn cups are grease-resistant since they are made of excellent paperboard material. Never again will you have to be concerned that butter or grease will leak through the bucket and go on your clothes.


  • Made with 240 - 325 GSM ITC Board paper food grade material

  • Available Sizes: 32oz, 46oz, 65oz, 75oz, 85oz, 130oz, 170oz

  • MOQ for Customization: 10,000 pcs to 25,000 pcs depending on size

  • Generic Design Available: Yes