Sauces & Purees Mixes

Sauces & Purees Mixes

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FOODOO is brand of FDL LTD.- a UK based flavour & ingredients specialist.

FDL partners with market leaders around the world to create centres of excellence and develop products covering both cold and hot beverages, sweet and savoury bakery products, as well as for dairy applications.

FDL offers a wide range of products including :

  • Pastry fillings & toppings
  • Yoghurt preparations
  • Fruit based flavour pastes for ice cream and bakery applications
  • Gels & glazing gels
  • Chocolate sauce fillings
  • Fruit sauces, purees and coulis
  • Compotes
  • Beverages drizzle sauces
  • Dessert sauces

Dark Chocolate Sauce

Rich Mango Flavor Preparation

Pop Scotch

English Toffee

Rose Faluda

Ras Malai

Salted Caramel Delight


Plum Pudding

Tiramisu Drizzle

Black Forest

Strawberry Swirl